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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Which Method Is Best For You
For any web site to be reachable, there needs to be some sort of domain name assigned to it.  These can be obtained in many ways, some of which are free, others that are very low cost.

Use a Dynamic DNS Service

There are a few dozen of these services.  Generally, you can select a sub-domain under their name, something like yourhostnamehere.example.com.  Some of these services have several main domain choices that you combine your sub-domain name with.

These services work very well if you want to host your web site on a home computer that has a residential internet connection.  These connections often have a non-fixed IP address, otherwise known as a "dynamic IP".  The Super Simple Server program sends an update to your DDNS provider whenever your IP address changes, keeping your site almost always reachable.

Most of these services are free and will only require an email address, although they often limit the number of sub-domains you can have, and do sometimes make you click through some captchas every month to "renew" or "confirm" your account.  Some of these services are more reliable than others.

There are also some top-level domain registrars that offer inexpensive or free add-on options to use their own in-house DDNS service, so it is possible to have your own domain pointing to your web site that you host at home, instead of a sub-domain.

Regardless of the details of the service you choose, the main point is that DDNS services take care of all your DNS needs on their servers, and they are automatically updated with your current IP address by the DDNS client in Super Simple Server.  This makes it a very good option for hosting your site on a home computer.

For more information: Finding a DDNS Service

Register a Domain Name And Host Your Own DNS Zone

If you want to create a proper professional-looking web site, with your own domain name, this is the way to go.  The downside is that you need a static IP address on the machine you will host your site from.  If your computer has a business-class internet connection, or you rent an inexpensive VPS, you will have a static IP that never changes, which is perfect for hosting a web site and serving the DNS zone to go with it.

Once you have determined what your static IP is, and you have registered a domain name, all you need to do is login to your registrar's online portal and setup a nameserver record (such as ns1.example.com) to point at your static IP, and Super Simple Server takes care of the rest.  Setting up a nameserver record at your registrar is free, very easy, and only takes a few minutes.

For more information: Registering a Domain Name

Create a Tor .onion Site

This option is very convenient to setup, and requires no registration of domain names of any sort.  Tor sites are impossible to censor, and your home IP address is kept private.

The downside is that anyone who wants to visit your site will require the Tor Browser Bundle.  This is a very popular open-source program that has been around many years, and many people are already using it.  Also, all site names on the Tor network use random cryptographic hashes for identity, so your site name will be something like 6atqd3njj43stjry.onion.

It is possible to host a Tor site on almost any computer, regardless of it's internet connection.  This option will even work if the computer is heavily firewalled or on a very restrictive network.

For more information: Create a Tor .onion Site

If you need more help deciding which method is best for you, feel free to make a post in the forum.

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