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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

A DDNS provider handles all the DNS needs for your site, and can be automatically updated so your site name always points to your current IP.  This is useful if you don't have a fixed IP address on your home computer, which is often the case for residential internet connections that assign a random IP every time you login to their network.

Super Simple Server has an automatic update client built-in that is compatible with most DDNS providers, and can be setup by simply entering the proper update URL from your DDNS provider.

Some DDNS providers will assign you a name under one of their own master domain names, like myhostnamehere.example.com.  Other services may allow you to register your own full domain name and use it with their service.  Most are free, some have paid extras, others may ask for donations, etc.  You can find these providers by entering the term "ddns" or "dynamic dns" into a search engine, and we have also compiled a list of DDNS providers that will save you time.

When you create a host name, make sure you take note of what your update URL is.  This information can usually be easily found on the DDNS providers web site, or may be found on our list of DDNS providers.  The update URL will be needed later to setup your site within the program.

At this point, you can download and run Super Simple Server, and then setup a new site.

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