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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Register And Use A Domain Name
If the machine you will use to host your web site has a static IP, registering a domain name and pointing it at your IP is very easy.

There are hundreds of domain registrars, with hundreds of top-level domains you can choose from, like .com or .net or .org, or one of the many new generic top-levels like .name, .info, or .website.  Some registrars are better than others for things like the quality of their online portal, customer support, or the company's business ethics.  Choose carefully.

You can find domain registrars by doing a simple web search, or looking around in web-hosting forums.  We also have compiled a small list.

Once you have registered your domain name, you must create a nameserver record and point it at your static IP.

First, determine the static IP of the machine you will be using to host.  Most ISPs that provide a static IP, and any VPS or dedicated hosting service, will list your machine's IP when you get your other information such as login and password.  If you don't have this info available, it can be found within the Super Simple Server Program.  In the GUI version, click the Help button in the main window, and select from the menu Diagnostics > Local IPs.  If you are using the command-line version, enter the letter "I" in the main view and press return.

Once you know your static IP, you must create a nameserver record in your domain registrar's online control panel.  The nameserver record can be any host name (it will not be visible to users), such as ns1.mydomainname.example, which then points to your static IP.  This procedure can vary from registrar to registrar, but is usually quite simple since it is very common to use your own nameserver.

Once this is complete, you are ready to download and run Super Simple Server, and then setup a new site.

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