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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Setup a Tor .onion Dark Site
This is by far the best way to create a web site, with no registration of names, no firewall problems, and without the possibility of censorship.  The only downside is that your visitors will need the Tor Browser to be able to access it.

Super Simple Server has it's own high-performance implementation of the Tor protocol built-in.  There is no need to use any external software at all for your site to be online.  But, you will need the Tor Browser to be able to view your own site on the web.

Download the official Tor Browser Bundle.  It is a self-contained web browser and Tor client package that runs in-place, just like Super Simple Server.  Start it up like normal, and verify everything works as expected by visiting any random web site.  You can use this browser to view and test your own site later.

The next step is to download and run Super Simple Server, and then setup a new site.

Follow the prompts to create a new Tor site, using the recommended Internal Client option.

Setup is relatively straightforward.  You can click the randomize button until you see a host name that you like.  Keep your private key safe in case you need to re-create your site later.

In the main Super Simple Server program window, in the Sites view, your new site will appear.  Once the status column says "Online", your new site will be available for anyone with a Tor browser.  Right-click your site, and from the popup menu select "Copy Link", then paste that link into the Tor Browser.  After a short delay, your site should appear in the browser, ready to be customized.

Please continue reading a brief tutorial of basic site operation.

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