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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Setup a TOR .onion Dark Site
This is by far the best way to create a web site, with no registration of names, no firewall problems, and without the possibility of censorship.  The only downside is that your visitors will need the TOR Browser to be able to access it.

First, download the official TOR Browser Bundle.  It is a self-contained web browser and TOR client package that runs in-place, just like Super Simple Server.  Start it up like normal, and verify everything works as expected by visiting any random web site.

Then, completely exit the TOR browser.  

Create an empty folder in a convenient place, perhaps your desktop, and call it torsitedata or something like that.  It doesn't matter.  This folder will only be used to hold your new site's keys.

Open the folder that the TOR software is in, look for the file Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc and open it in a text editor.  Add the following lines to the end, substituting /path/to/torsitedata :

HiddenServiceDir /path/to/torsitedata
HiddenServicePort 80

Save the file, and startup the TOR browser again.

Inside the torsitedata folder, there should now be a few new files that were created when TOR started up.  Open the hostname file in a text editor, and the web address of your new .onion site will be there.  Keep track of this name, and it might be a good idea to make a backup copy of these files.  The originals must remain in-place for the TOR program to make your site available on the network.

If the TOR browser had a problem starting up with your modified torrc file, try deleting the empty torsitedata folder.  Some new versions of the TOR browser seem to have a bug where if the torsitedata folder exists, but is empty, it will cause an error starting up.  The folder will be created by the TOR browser on startup instead.  On Linux versions, if there are still problems, try putting a trailing slash on the HiddenServiceDir path in your torrc file.

The next step is to download and run Super Simple Server, and then setup a new site.

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