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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

DDNS Provider List
DDNS services manage the DNS needs for your site, and are specialized for pointing your host name(s) toward a dynamic IP address that changes frequently.  Most residential internet connections have a dynamic IP, which changes every time your computer or router connects to the internet.  When this happens, it is detected by Super Simple Server, and an update is sent to the DDNS provider, which then updates the IP that your host name will resolve to.

Most of these DDNS providers allow you to create a host name under their own top-level names, like myhostname.ddnsprovider.example.  Others will allow you to use your own custom domain name that you've registered elsewhere.  Often these services are completely free.

If you have registered your own full domain name, check with your registrar to see if they already provide a free DDNS service.  If so, you simply need to figure out the correct update URL, and that's it.

For additional information about DDNS, click here.

Once you have selected a DDNS provider and created a host, you can download and run Super Simple Server, and then setup a new site.

If you know any good providers that are not on this list, or have feedback about any of them, please let us know in the forum.

Free My IP
Web Site: https://freemyip.com
Update URL:https://freemyip.com/update?token=YOURTOKEN&domain=YOURDOMAIN
Create your own myhostname.freemyip.com very easily, you don't even need to make an account.  Works good.

Web Site: https://now-dns.com
Update URL:https://USEREMAIL:PASSWORD@now-dns.com/update?hostname=YOURDOMAIN
Works pretty good, has some good domains you can create hosts under, like dynip.org.

Web Site: http://freedns.afraid.org
Update URL:https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@freedns.afraid.org/nic/update?hostname=YOURDOMAIN
Create a subdomain under thousands of available domains, or add your own domain to the pool.  Paid upgrades available.

Web Site: https://www.noip.com/remote-access
Update URL:https://USEREMAIL:PASSWORD@dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update?hostname=YOURDOMAIN
Free with paid upgrades, make you click captcha every month to renew.  Has a few good domains, like ddns.net.

Duck DNS
Web Site: http://www.duckdns.org
Update URL:https://www.duckdns.org/update?domains=YOURDOMAIN&token=YOURTOKEN
Free, but you can only login via social media account.


https://www.dynu.com/en-US  -  free third level domain name (hostname.dynu.com) or use your own domain name
https://entrydns.net/  -  $10 sign up
https://dns.he.net/  -  free, but no subdomains, you must use your own domain and point it at their nameservers
https://www.zoneedit.com/free-dns/  -  free, no subdomains

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