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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Creating a New Site
The procedure varies depending on whether you are using the GUI version or command-line version of Super Simple Server.

If you are using the command-line version, simply press C at the main prompt.  You will then be prompted for needed site details.

If you are using the GUI version, click the Sites button at the top of the main window, which will show you a list of existing sites, if any.  There will be an Add button at the top of the sites view.  Click the Add button and select New Site from the drop-down menu.  You will then be prompted for the details of your new site.

Site Details

First, you will need to select the connection method for your new site.  More information about which method will work best for you is here.  Once you select a connection method, you will be prompted for additional parameters for your new site.

Host Name - This is the full domain name of your site, like example.com, myhost.ddns.example, or a2cel4iomma57f4ry7qd.onion

Site Title - This will be displayed in large lettering in the header of all pages, and in the window title.

Site Motto - This will be displayed in smaller lettering, under the title, in the header of all pages.

Admin Username / Password - An administrator account will be created.  It is important to use a secure password.

DDNS Update URL - If you are using a DDNS provider, the update URL can usually be found on their web site.  We also have a list here that may help.

IP Check URL - This is only if you are using DDNS.  Please select a URL from this list.

Automatic SSL Certs

If you are setting up a site that is not on Tor, there will be an additional option for an SSL cert provider's ACMEv2 directory URL.  Using this option, Super Simple Server can automatically download, configure, and update an SSL cert for your site, and automatically redirect all traffic through HTTPS connections.

There are only a few providers that support automated cert issuance, but one of the largest ones, Let's Encrypt, does work very well with Super Simple Server, and is completely free.

First, read the Terms of Service and/or the FAQ, then enter the following URL in the ACMEv2 field:



Once you have filled in the required fields, a new site will be created in your config folder, which is generally created in the same directory as the Super Simple Server program.  You can now check your site on the web.

If you need more help setting up a site, please check out the forum.

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