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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Managing Users And Content
There is a wide range of access control and content moderation features built into Super Simple Server.  Almost every situation can be accommodated, from wide-open public wiki-style sites, to business-like sites with limited user input, to private personal sites with very limited access.

User Levels

From lowest to highest:

disabled - completely unable to view the site
silent - unable to submit any content or forum posts
guest - visitors that have not logged in
newuser - when a user first registers, less privileged in forums and certain pages
user - the normal user level
trusted - trusted to upload files and post content without pre-moderation on some pages
vip - more privileged than trusted on some pages
mod - approve submitted edits, remove content, change user levels
op - appoints and removes moderators
admin - can do anything on server / site
owner - account made upon site creation

Adjusting A User's Level

If you have mod access or higher, you can adjust the level of users that are currently at a lower level than you, raising them up to the level just below yours.

Click a user's name, which will go to their /users/username page, if one has been made for them.  Alter the URL in the address bar to be /admin/users/username and you will be presented with options to adjust the level, or if you have operator access level, you will also be able to change the user's password.

Adjust User Levels At A Specific Path

User levels can be changed at a specific path and all it's descendants.  Go into the page History, and look at the bottom for a link that says User Levels.  From there it is possible to alter the level of a single user by name, or change the level of many users with a wildcard syntax that is explained at the top of the page.

Protecting A Specific Path

Specific pages can be protected from alteration or viewing by regular users.  Go into the page History, and there will be a link at the bottom that says Protection Mode.  Using this function you can lock certain pages, or make all edits pre-moderated, and also adjust the protection for all descendants of the page.

The /users Home Directories

By default, users do not have a directory under the /users/ path unless it is manually requested.  Go into /admin/users/username, and there will be a button that says Create User Files.  This will create a default user home page at /users/username, which has a feed reader, a forum, a chat room, and a place to post links to recent articles.

User home pages can be created automatically when a user meets a minimum access level by changing a setting in the system protection.txt file.

Long-Term Maintenance

It is also important to keep your site running reliably that you make occasional backups and know how to prune excessively large log files.  Please review our long-term maintenance guide for all the essential details.

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