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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

There are a few maintenance tasks you may need to do from time to time to keep your site working reliably.

Backup Your Data

All your site data is stored in plaintext format, under the config folder next to the program executable.  This makes it extremely easy to make a backup.

If you are using Windows or Linux with GTK, simply right-click the config folder and select "Compress" or equivalent from the popup menu.

If you are using the command line version in Linux, you can navigate to the program directory, and issue a command to create an archive, for example:

tar -zcf backup-2019-01-24.tar.gz config

Prune Page History And Log Files

If a particular page on your site has many revisions in the history, it is a good idea to prune the old ones from time to time.  Look at the bottom of the history page for a link that says "Prune Non-Current Pages" if you want to remove all but the one that is currently showing.

In your site's data files, for example at path config/mysitename.example/0_site/logs there are log files that will increase in size over time.  They can simply be deleted if it becomes a problem, although they generally do not grow at a very fast rate.

Empty Trash

When a user deletes a file from within a mysite.example/?browse view or a mysite.example/?log view, the files / folders / pages are normally sent to the operating system's trash or recycling-bin.  If this is not available, the special folder config/mysite.example/0_site/trash will be used.

This folder should be periodically manually deleted so that the disk space can be reclaimed, just as you would empty the recycle-bin in your operating system from time to time.

Occasional Data Checks

It is a good idea to be familiar with the directory structure in your config folder, and keep tabs on the relative sizes of all the data in these folders.  This can be accomplished in Windows and Linux GTK systems by right clicking a folder and selecting Properties or equivalent from the popup menu.  The Properties window will usually tally up all the files within the folder, recursively into all inner folders.

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