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Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.

Super Simple Server can forward requests at any local site path to another server instance.  Much like with redirects, this can be from any arbitrary URL on your site to any other URL.  Super Simple Server will connect to the target URL (which can be on any server) and pass through the request body, then forward the response back to the original client.

This feature is controlled by the file config/mysite.example/0_site/settings/forward.txt.  Each entry is a cluster of 2 lines, first being the local site path, then the target URL.

For example:




Use a blank line between entries.

Standard protection rules apply to the local site path.  The protection level / mode will be calculated as if the request path was pointing at a standard page.  The protection mode can be overridden by using a third line after the target URL, with the name of the desired protection mode.

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